10 Things You Have In Common With Pure Cacao

Pure Cacao

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Benefits Of Cacao Nibs That May Change Your Perspective

Chocolate has been a favorite dessert for centuries. While it satisfies our sweet tooth with decadent flavor, pure chocolate has many health benefits. These include improved the circulation, stabilized blood sugar, and an enhanced mood. The antioxidants and fiber in one small square of dark chocolate daily might be all you need to get results. Dark chocolate candies have even been used as effective remedies for a persistent cough as well as a natural aphrodisiac. It is known as one of the most antioxidant-rich foods in the world.

Pure or raw chocolate comes from the cacao bean before it is processed into other foods. The beans are roasted and ground which causes it to melt. Then the dark cacao separates and floats on top of cacao butter or liquor. The cacao is then made into a fine powder. It is bitter and acidic to taste since there is no sugar in it. Dark chocolate bars made with a high concentration of cacao cacao nibs powder have the best benefits as a dietary supplement. As sugar and dairy are added, the color lightens, the texture becomes creamier, the taste is sweeter, and the health benefits are nearly gone. White chocolate is made from the cacao butter or liquor.

Cacao Nibs

Making chocolates is a long process involving heating it, then pouring it into molds for bars and candy coatings. The temperature must be 93 degrees to melt it. A higher temperature is used to sterilize or ferment it to avoid contaminants like E.coli and salmonella left behind from harvesting. As long as the temperature is stable, it will become smooth rather than oily. Liquid chocolate, powder, and nibs are added to baked goods, ice cream, and milk as well as many other foods we all enjoy.

Getting liquid chocolate to mix with drinks other than milk has always been an issue, but the makers of Cholaca found a way to process the cacao nib to achieve liquid chocolate you can drink on its own or add to water, juice, beer, and wine. Infusing chocolate into other fluids enhances the flavor and passes along the health benefits of the cacao bean. Again, the product is not overly chocolate liquid sweet since it contains a high amount of pure cacao. That is a benefit for beverages that only require a hint of chocolate flavor and are not intended to be too sweet.

cacao nibs

Cacao nibs are harvested in different countries and shipped to manufacturers. They are divided into different grades for various uses. When you buy it locally, try to find certified organic beans or nibs for the highest amounts of antioxidants and positive effects on the body. Try them in all 3 forms to supplement your diet. Sprinkle powder into different foods, throw some nibs into your morning smoothie, melt it over your favorite fruit, or pop a square of dark chocolate right into your mouth.