Pure Cacao

I know that’s good so forth I’ll get a couple of loggers on so i won’t buy a lot of grain I’ll just fire kilos sub about kilos of Pilsner or lager grade in each one so show you that up here on the bill so you can see that

There and and it was euros for the kg some are very expensive at all now in the delivery arrived to blimey it’s quite a big box that I’ve said that in and what they actually deliver is this somebody in the packing room and.

I hope they’re not watching this video someone in the bathroom at the home brew company the IE has made a bit of a boo-boo they’ve sent me a kg sack of children they may be challenged me for kg so that’s a pretty good situation to begin to I I mean mine I’ll do loggers with all of it.

But it’s a base more I can put some crystalline or whatever you’ll be fine so that’s pretty good I mean when that when I sought out for that’s definitely made up my mind that I’m definitely voting to stay me don’t you cuz.

Then boys in Arlen yeah that made a bit of a balls-up there so long may it continue so go get it all yourself a kilos sack of mold and who knows what you might guess so there you go I’m just going to give this.

I mean hasn’t been that long something in there about three minutes so getting a bit bit longer and then I’ll be back we’ll finish this video off right guys so just coming up on ten minutes now and I’ve to say it smells fantastic in here.

Now if like me you get in the neck every time you brew because of smells from the harps or the you know mashing all the rest of it as bad as that is the ladies will love you for doing this one because it smells fantastic.

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